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In todays world people are not watching tv news instead of that people are spending there times on social media news pages, online news chanels updates , youtube channel where they search what they want to see in this manner now internet users are increasing day by day hence now digital Marketing is booming in Marketing industry every marketing professional now learning digital Marketing technqiues to upgrade their Profile in this file.

Why Business Man need to Learn Digital Marketing?

As in business we every time seeking for new client more and more & also want to maintain our old client to take our other new launching product and services. They need according to their requirement some one is looking for

  • Brand Awarness of their comapny or product & services,
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase Sales
  • Remarketing
in this manner there are many factors for small business man to big industry.

What are the Digital Marketing Strategy you should learn First

  • Search Engine Optimization:-how to optimize a website according to search engine guidelines to get free listing in search engine result pages
  • Search Advertising:-how to get paid listing in search engine result pages for particular search terms in specific area
  • Display Advertising:-how to place your ads on famous website ,blogs ,youtue channel where many visitor are arleady coming to get information.
  • Social Media Marketing:- how to generate leads from facebook,instagram and smm groups
  • Remarketing:-how to show your ads to visitor already visited your website ,blogs and client data which you have already how can you target them by showing your ads in their emails